Express Who You Are!

Greetings, dear readers!

Here’s one spontaneous post and I hope it brings out what I intend to to express!

Keeping the intro curt. But that’s what it is!


Let them see,

Who wish to see,

For all they see is debris,

A shattered skyscraper

Don’t cover your wounds,

Be sorrow for a while

Coz no carpet of glory

Shall withstand,

The stabs and wounds of an internal war

Let them laugh or tease,

Let them make fun,

Let yourself take you to a better place,

This time not imagination.

They say there’s no competitor but you,

Not even half of it is true

You can’t wage internal wars

Because they end up hurting just you

SO, seek what you wish

Because it is seeking you too,

Hide your achievements,

Glorify what you do

Be who you wish to be,

REMEMBER, no one else is YOU.

Don’t indulge in internal wars,

Get yourself united and be at war,

With the world above you, and far below too,

Bring the victory home,

Just where it is meant to be.

*image from Google. All rights reserved with the creator.

That’s all, probably. There maybe more to it though. What d’you say?

Let me know what’s your take in emotional conflicts! The comment section is all yours! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Express Who You Are!

  1. Motivating.
    Indeed internal conflicts drag you down. But sometimes, these internal conflicts are born from the one you’re waging outside. And sometimes your own reaction to the external conflicts causes the internal ones.

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