Greetings, dear readers!

Life, is nature’s gift. Some people are courageous enough to reject it by suicide. The shy ones, use slow poisons like drugs and alcohol to reject it gracefully.

With this very line of thought, which came to me from a very weird incident, I came to a lot more observations. Being in the field where I see everyone suffering from the consequences of alcohol and drugs consumption, it sometimes gets to my nerves just why the hell do people begin with it in the first place!

It’s not the uneducated, but the well literate people who are propagating this more!

What really surprises me is how consuming toxic substances is considered COOL 😎.

Like, seriously? What is wrong with an entire generation? It’s surely not about culture and open mindedness. It’s only a societal norm, which is growing uncontrollably. Like how cancer cells invade the nearby normal cells, hijack their metabolic mechanisms and take over the entire functioning. Alcohol is no less than that, apart from the fact that it actually leads to cancer.

Here are a few important facts-

1) There’s no such thing as party drinking. If you’re the one who says that I only drink in parties, you are fooling yourself. You find reasons to party and celebrate, so that you get an excuse to consume alcohol.

2) Social circle. A group who is active in such activities will always encourage all its members to be the same. Invariably, you tend to drink with them to give company, and well that is a red alert too! You will develop the same habit in no time, no matter how much disciplined you are.

You need to find another group. No way out.

3) Drinking occasionally is NOT alright. Every sip of alcohol has its effect on your body and mind. I don’t say this based on my spite. Factually, with every sip of alcohol you take, your CNS receptors get more tolerant to the substance and by the end of a long lasting journey with alcohol for years, your body defence mechanisms are weakened to limit where they no longer understand what’s right for you.

That’s too much for one post I guess? I’ll leave you with these thoughts.

Comment and let me know what do you think about this growing, destructive trend.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Alcohol and drugs maybe fun, but it costs you your relations, friends and more importantly, YOU.

10 thoughts on “Alco-all?

      1. I don’t think I have ever heard this perspective. How would the world be better if more people consumed alcohol? Or am I misunderstanding. I don’t mean to be disagreeable; I really want to know the reasons for this stand. Kurian above seems to understand your point.

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