Getting back to workouts

Greetings, Dear Readers!
Been really long I posted something. So just gave it a thought.
“How to make a come back into this blog & life, tbh?”
The first thing that hit me was maybe while urging people to walk around and stay active, I had to work real hard in the back end to actually influence the lifestyle of my audience.

Okay, so what next?
Basically I’m now beginning with my own set of workouts with a combination of pilates, HIIT and every other fancy exercise program you can find out there. Damn, do I need get active!!
Now that I’m already through my weight free phase of workouts, I’m planning on a little weights too. Just thought might as well begin with the lowest ones for a great aerobic session! I mean have you seen those aerobic classes where the women hold onto some light weights as they continue their exercises!? Exactly!
I know many of you will start asking what to begin with and how to move forward, because that’s basically my job, but anyway a good set of dumbells here will also help you through the process. (Check for availability in your country).
Bright, colorful pair of dumbells keep shining and literally ask you to work out (really). Plus a little investment in it will always drive you to begin today. Additionally, the ones I’m adding here are only 0.5 kg (1lb) and can even be used by those who’ve had injuries or as per the recommendation of your physio!

1) B FIT Dumbbells with Options of Material and Sizes One Pair Packing (Neoprene/Vinyl/Foam/Fashion) (Bone 0.5 kg ABS)
Pink, I know, but these are a good choice when it comes to weights. They also come with a beautiful packing so it’s easier to store them!
You can find these dumbells here:

2) Nodens Unisex Metal Integrated PVC Vinyl Dumbbell (Pack of Two) PVC,500 Gram,Red
Red, 1lb dumbells to keep you active through your workouts. What’s more, if you ever visit a pool, carry them and add it to your pool workout!
Find them here:

PS: If you wish to join in, leave a comment!!

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