The concept of FOREVER

Greetings, dear readers!

Been quite sometime that I posted. On just the mental turmoils that we keep going through, here’s something that struck me. The “types of people” concept is never old- but bear with me here.

In this post I discuss the two types of believers in a forever. Read through and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Two types

There are two categories of people in this world- those who believe in forever & want it, and the others who don’t know what do they want- that’s what I think.

Every person- male or female- wants someone to spend their life with. This is what they term forever. This explains category one.
However, the second category is quite misunderstood, and frankly has no direction in life at all. They’re confused and find pleasure in smaller things of life- living it one moment at a time. Although this is a great way to live life, these people have no sense of where they are going and this is a major reason why they do not believe in forever. They don’t know what is to come! And they don’t want to shape it themselves. They want to go with the flow. Let life throw them challenges and they will garner the strength to deal with it- because they don’t care about the future!

Half of the second type people meet someone who belongs to the first category and get partially converted. This is why the second category is always shrinking and keeps on getting flooded with teenagers and aspiring, young people who’ve lost their way or never had one. Those who start having so much fun in their journey that they don’t care about the destination anymore. They don’t want the destination- they want to keep travelling.
The big time question here is- can two people who strongly belong to category one and category two ever be able to match it up!?
Category one would get tired of trying to give purpose of life to type two. Type two would get tired to drive type one out of their comfort zone and live in the present.

Both of them are correct in their own ways- but do their paths ever come across each other??

This is actually a test to their own personalities. It is indeed, very rare to see a type one convert entirely to type two- that sure wouldn’t happen. If we go by this theory that type two is successful in making type one like him/ her, eventually both of them will be too involved in living in the present, directionless and random. So much that they’ll fall out of love sooner or later and move on with their lives. Type one will get back to being type one because that’s what he/she is; now all the more full of despise for type two people. Type two will continue to be the same till he/ she meets someone their “type” and live their life the way they like. Or meet up another type one, a stronger one this time, and get converted.

That’s all!

2 thoughts on “The concept of FOREVER

  1. Great questions, I, however, think there are more than just two, and more chances for hybrid types, those that think this is all there is can be influenced towards belief in the infinite, but yes one who has faith that the soul is immortal are not likely to be converted to the limits of one lifetime

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