What We Find “Inspiring” – 2

Greetings, dear readers! Here comes another post for our series, What We Find “Inspiring”. It’s a post by Shelby, from her blog, Shelby’s Vibrations.  She’s just joined us recently. Show her lots of love, and be there at her blog!

Any thoughts or comments are welcome! 🙂

jungle vibrations

6716DA49-EF2B-4755-B2B5-96224E1E08AC.jpgNever stop finding inspiration, look around and realise how many endless possibilities are out there waiting for you.
I could run away today and join the circus,
start running tomorrow and see the olympics before I die,
put my life in a backpack and hitchhike my across this huge continent, tomorrow, I could do it tomorrow.
Or I could stay perfectly still being exactly who I am and still grow and wander into a different person entirely!
Everyday is up to you and everything you do makes you who you’ll be tomorrow, nothing will ever stay the same, change is inevitable, and you have every single chance to make that change whatever you want it to be
never stop finding inspiration

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