What we find “Inspiring” – 1

Greetings, dear readers!

Let’s do something creative today. Let’s move out of the monotony of pure, blog posts. And by this, I’m calling out to each one of you. Yes. You.

Get up and go about,

Find something, filled with pleasure

Be it a simple challenge, a wager

Do something, that’s worth your time,

Not sheer, waste of dime.

So why don’t you get that right,

Use your powers, your might

This youth, this hour in day,

Will never be back, to stay

Each minute, be energized,

Get some idea, something surmised

So what if they may not work,

At least know, you have the perk

Of talents, and skills,

Like nobody else!

Go ahead, get your big thing done,

Life’s too short, to wait for one!!

I think that should suffice? 😀

Just do drop in your comments, about what you have done recently, that’s made you proud of yourself. I’m sure that’ll inspire all of us here, to move, and make it big.

Here’s a chance to boost skills! I’m taking GUEST POSTS! Yes, after quite a too many suggestions, we’re ready for something new. If you’re interested, COMMENT NOW!

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