How to get Physiotherapy amid Unlock 1.0?

We’ve been discussing ways to stay pain-free in Lockdown, and now that the world is stepping out with all necessary precautions- Here’s your guide on how to manage your pain- be it Online physiotherapy consultations or an offline clinical visit! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such videos!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Some special exercises to help you reduce the pain in your hand! Working from home can be very difficult when you have pain in your wrist and hand, which may be due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such insightful videos! Leave your pain related queries in the comment section.

Ankle Sprain

Greetings dear readers, As most of you know, I’m primarily a physical therapist based in India, and keep posting my blogs relevant to my field and personal passions here. Recently, on the recommendation of my family and patients/ clients, I’ve started off my YouTube channel to help out all my dear friends to stay pain… Continue reading Ankle Sprain

Upper Back Strength

Continuing from our previous video on Upper Back pain, we now present some basic exercises to help you strengthen your upper back and thus prevent pain. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at: more such insightful videos to lead a pain-free life.Leave your pain related queries in the comment section.

Posture for Couch Potatoes

Greetings, dear readers! CoVID-19 has brought in a lot of troubles, including a nagging amount of time that we need to spend indoors. Since most of us are habitual to step out every morning, what we’re only left with is spend time with family playing board games or stream videos through various providers. Maintaining a… Continue reading Posture for Couch Potatoes