Good news! 

Greetings my dear readers!  As you all know, my friend is hosting a Smartphone Deaddiction Challenge, and well first thing, I thank you all for your wonderful response!  She’s thoroughly excited, and yep, it begins tomorrow. So, she’s extended the date of registrations!! Yay !  So, this is your last chance to register!  Register HERE. And… Continue reading Good news! 

Hurry Up! 

Greetings, dear readers!  The Smartphone Deaddiction Challenge that I’ve been talking about is about to close entries!!  So if you are interested, high time!!  Last 10 entries to go! So people, HURRY UP!  Register yourself here.  Any queries are welcome in comments section.  It is my friend’s initiative, and she’ll be answering them, I do hope… Continue reading Hurry Up! 

Smartphone Deaddiction Challenge?? 

Hey readers! As per my title, I’ll go about telling you all about this challenge, of staying away from your smartphones.  I’m sure most of you must have set a new year resolution of leaving out on your smartphone.   Well, it’s time for some action. I have a challenge here, and will soon be… Continue reading Smartphone Deaddiction Challenge?? 

It’s A Year Now!!! 

Hey hey dear readers!!!  My exclamations must have already given away my excitement n joy, for well, it’s a YEAR on WordPress for me!!  A year, full of new superb people round the globe, lots of new found interests, Performances beyond imagination, and well it’s been SUCH AN EVENTFUL YEAR!  FIRST THINGS FIRST.  A BIG… Continue reading It’s A Year Now!!! 

Where Mind Wins 

Greetings, dear readers! It’s a beautiful night, and it’s been a terrible day at college. You can guess from that, what a late night rambling can be. It’s not a letter of complaint, mind, just another, thought?!? HAPPY READING!  WHERE MIND WINS, NOT HEART There was a room once,  Which came to life of sudden, … Continue reading Where Mind Wins 

My Verse That’s Not Mine

Here I sit  Reading my favorite poetry  Which no passerby will ever understand  Unless it is the one about whom I read  The only so well known, STRANGER Never knew, I could do so well  Without that soul around  But now to think of it,  My favorite words, pronounced  It’s surprising, how beautiful it looks… Continue reading My Verse That’s Not Mine

The Outpour

​Why aren’t you the one  Whom I thought that  you were  Just why did you ever Show your true color Why couldn’t I live in my dream  Of you being what I’d like you to be  The bubble that I never chased You came across, in a haze Caught me all unarmed, guards down Entered… Continue reading The Outpour