The Imperfectionist, Life.

A beautiful subject today for our assignment of Writing 201, Imperfection. And not to miss it, this one is a limerick form of poetry, which I guess, everyone of us has had in their primary English classes. I hope this makes a good read! ©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved. The Imperfectionist, Life. Her daughter was her… Continue reading The Imperfectionist, Life.

The Gift

Alright! Today’s assignment is here. It’s a double acrostic! Here’s the one. Hope it’s good enough! ©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved. The Gift.. Nonchalant, a situation hiT Embossed in her mind,                          like the light in a cellaR Verily moonlit, in the garden he’d said;”All that matters is yoU.” Enchanted by his words, her heart     screamed a… Continue reading The Gift

Screeny Scrawny Malady…

This poem is haiku form of a poem, originating from Japan but a form now famous in the world. Ah well, the following one is my creation, as in, also my assignment for day 1 on Writing 201. T’was great fun doing this. Hope you it enjoy too!! ©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved. Screeny Scrawny Malady…… Continue reading Screeny Scrawny Malady…

An Introduction To The Blog

Hello everyone! It’s just lovely to have a blog of your own and I am just soooo excited!:-P Ah well, coming to the point,I will be publishing mostly about fitness and well being and a little about exercises. But don’t get worried, it’ll all be very easily digestible. Not much of that never ending nutritious… Continue reading An Introduction To The Blog