Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Worried about what will come next? Or having sudden last-minute fear for exams and presentations? Here are some breathing exercises to calm you down and make your work more effective! Do not forget to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such insightful videos! Leave your pain related queries in the comment section.

Let’s Prevent Osteoporosis!

For all our lovely ladies out there, this video has been specially curated to help you stay fit & active even as grow older and wiser. Know how to prevent Osteoporosis, before it’s too late! Pass it on to all the women you know- this might be helpful!! Do not forget to subscribe to our… Continue reading Let’s Prevent Osteoporosis!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Regular writing, typing and manual work with hand and wrist can lead to sharp pain in the hand. This might be because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- a condition in which a nerve is compressed in your wrist. Know how to deal with such a condition, while you stay at home! Subscribe to our YouTube channel… Continue reading Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Upper Back Strength

Continuing from our previous video on Upper Back pain, we now present some basic exercises to help you strengthen your upper back and thus prevent pain. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at: more such insightful videos to lead a pain-free life.Leave your pain related queries in the comment section.

Knee pain: Part -1

Your Knee complains have been heard!!Watch this video to know a few simple and safe exercises to mark yourself free from knee pain!…To watch more such insightful videos to solve your pain, subscribe to our YouTube channel at: Post all your pain related queries in the comment section.

Ergonomics for household chores

Walk out pain free from lockdown Watch this video if you want know how to prevent pain in times of lockdown and do your daily work with correct postures. Do share it with your family n friends who might need it.LIKE. SHARE. SUBSCRIBE.Ask any pain related question in the comment section!

It is, Women’s Day!!

Greetings, dear readers! Women’s day is round the corner, and I have a bunch of questions I’d love to ask all my lady bloggers here. It’s nothing you won’t understand, men, so hey, you’re welcome too! Here’s the set of questions – 1) Do you have any interest in any sport? 2) If yes, please… Continue reading It is, Women’s Day!!

What We Find “Inspiring” – 3 

Greetings dear readers! Following up with the previous post, here is the next part of What we find “Inspiring”. As we talk about, what is it that drives us and makes us do what we do, here’s some food for thought. That’s precisely what I meant. All of us, are like the bubbling pots of… Continue reading What We Find “Inspiring” – 3 

What We Find “Inspiring” – 2

Originally posted on jungle vibrations:
Never stop finding inspiration, look around and realise how many endless possibilities are out there waiting for you. I could run away today and join the circus, start running tomorrow and see the olympics before I die, put my life in a backpack and hitchhike my across this huge continent,…