Greetings, dear readers!

Hope you’re keeping well in times of lockdown.

Funnily enough, we have all the time in the world, and here we are wanting to go out. This extra bit of time gets your brain thinking; about everything. Get a perspective. Rethink. Introspect.

Here’s a little something from my thoughts.


When you can’t be what you’re meant to be,

And you think there’s no point in trying to be

Just leave

No questions, no answers

No statements, no banters

When you think you are where you shouldn’t be,

Just leave

Don’t stay, don’t think

Don’t care about the ground that you reaped

Stop telling yourself that’s how it’s supposed to be

Just leave

When you can’t give back, what wasn’t truly yours,

When you can’t gratify a loan that you sought,

When you can’t go back and change your past

When you can’t shake off those thoughts,

Of love and dreams,

Of peace and beams,

Of laughter and warmth,

It truly is the time,

That I regret as I speak,

You, must leave

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