Greetings, dear readers!

What a lovely time to be writing. You know, when you should be doing real things and you just get deviated? 😉

Anyway, here’s something that I wrote pretty long ago, has been lying in the drafts so long I don’t remember, and yet, it hits so hard every time I read it!

Hope you find it useful too! Lemme know!


No fight never ends

The time when you lose,

It defeats you out,

When you defeats you.

That’s when the spiral of failure begins

Down you go-

The track of misery,

Actions and words

Don’t make a good chemistry

You’re afraid, it’ll all go wrong

Though in the real world, you do nothing at all

Who’s defeated, you ask me

Not you, I say

This fight-

Begins with you

And Ends with you

What you learn is your prize,

What you discard, can only be despised..

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