Homemade Chocolates

Greetings, dear readers!

All of us have loved and still love chocolates. Some of us attach memories to the things we love and what better a way to preserve a memory!? Chocolates are 💖 after all!!!

I really don’t know where does this come from, but I thought it’s beautiful. So I’m sharing it; might just make your day lovely too!

Let me know!

Homemade Chocolates

Homemade chocolates,

You probably forgot

Each better than the previous,

From the tastiest lot

What made them special,

Was just that thought

Of you making them in the kitchen-

A love story plot

Just as we talk,

About nothing interesting at all

Yet hold on to its stalk,

Unknowing, sometimes across the hall

Sheepishly you’d smile back;

Time wouldn’t move, it stalls

Eyes blink, faces go blank,

We know this isn’t ending small

It’s actually unusual,

These chocolates are dilusional,

Am I just thinking,

Or is all this happening?

See, where these brought me,

Your homemade chocolates!?



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