Live it out

Greetings, dear readers!!

How often do we forget living in the present with all those bag full of worries of the future. Will the project work out, will this venture do well, awaiting appraisals, and some worry about the grades too!

Here’s just a small piece to give you the redemption you deserve! Let me know how do you overcome your internal struggles in the comment box!!

Live it out

Just when I think I’m gonna give this up,

You step in like there’s no tomorrow

Reminding me to live with what’s now,

And stop worrying of a potential stir up

Who doesn’t think, they’re different

The situation’s different, nobody else can be in their place

A subtle nudge, a simple gesture in present

Pleasantly surprising to feel that much needed solace

Maybe it isn’t for the best,

Just let this rest

What might happen, you sure can change it now

But there’s no point in not living it out, and how!!

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