Unreal Agony

Greetings, dear readers!

How many times do we feel the heat of pain, but do not really get the intensity? Okay, let’s put it in simple words.

Aren’t there times, when you’re “supposed” to feel sad or angry or frustrated, but you’re actually not?

Well just a piece of my mind here. Let me know what’s your thought in the comment section!

Unreal Agony

It might not cross a lot of minds,

How thoughts may NOT affect our lives

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t,

Unless they scratch open previous wounds


You’re above, afloat,

Far away from the circle of hurt

So when the balloon should burst

Nothing touches you, even if it must


Remember, those screeching of chalks on blackboard,

Those crowdy conversations overheard,

And how the radio signals went disrupt,

But did they affect you, stop you abrupt?


Then why let minor things hold you back,

An agony let originate and make you slack

When truly all it does to you,

Is just how you perceive it’s cue


Unless you keep an open ear,

No one, no thing should you ever fear.



All doubts should be cleared! Let me know! 😀

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