Cryptically Expressed

Greetings, dear readers!

With my ongoing obsession of expressions, here’s one more post to prove how difficult conversations can be. What dilemmas do to your mind. I’m sure all of us have been there and you’ll relate well to this one.

Also, I’ve tried another concrete form of poetry this time, in succession to the beautiful one here, called Cryptic Cold.

Happy Reading!

Cryptic Expressions

Coming close is so dangerous,

Makes you vulnerable, vivacious

You can’t be rude,

You can’t hide truths

You speak n you loose yourself

Lost in a world, that doesn’t exist

A river with a forceful flow,

You don’t know where it goes

Want to return back to the shore

Though you’re enjoying the tour

No, you don’t say that

Coz you fear being taken for granted


In a loop

A vicious circle

Resist, let go, resist

To what extent? Unless,

You get a raft, of logs and twigs

To help you overcome this repeated fix

For once

For all

Till then

You wait

For the


To fall

When tides will throw you back in the sand,

You’ll know where you stand.

( You choose what lies ahead,

A crazy ride or a comfy bed)

Do let me know how did you deal with such a situation?

Have a great time always!

P.S. The pic used is my very own, clicked in the recent trip I took to Bali Islands. Let me know if you’ve been there too!

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