Emotions & Expressions

Greetings, dear readers!

Today’s post is all about thoughts. And their consequences. And maybe how they affect minds. Imagine, mere thoughts affecting the way we work. So, if you’re not in a mood to read deep, intellectual work, you are warned- JUST READ IT! ๐Ÿ˜›

Why is there such a huge difference between what we want to say and what we actually say!?

Very similar to what I wanted write in this post and what I’m writing about! ๐Ÿ˜€

Blame my morose thought processes, but that’s what emotional crises are about. And sometimes they go a bit far. Everyone out there, some of you must be in sync with what I talk about, and some of you must feel outzoned. If you’re the other category, read this up, you’ll understand what the first category is like. Surely you must be having a few people around you who belong to the first category!?

Emotions, thoughts, expressions- this the exact chain that works in a mind.

Let’s see how.

Suppose, you’ve just left your hometown and are living in a different city for work. At your workplace, you’ve made quick friends but you’re not sure if they’re shallow, so your emotional connect still lies with your family. But, here’s the conflict- you know you telling them that you feel lonely will only make them sad, which you do not wish for. Loneliness here are the emotions, inability to share them your thoughts and what this will result into is expression. Expression often comes out in one of the two forms- positive or negative. Most people in such a case will be positive because of the new environment, and will ultimately express well and get along with their colleagues. But for someone who is still in the conflict or has some other major difficulties in adjusting, may land up in an emotional wreck.

There can also be an emotional conflict in a win win situation. And I want you to imagine that.

How is all this relevant to me!?

Trust me, it is for everyone. Be it office stress, academic or sports related breakdowns, or the most commonly heard relationship and family problems. I might have missed out on a few more areas, but statistically, emotional crises accounts for about 60% of cases of depression. And it can be avoided.


See you all in the next post.

Until then, let’s have a quick word in the comment section about what are or have been our triggers to emotional havoc.

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