What We Find ‘Inspiring’ – 7

Greetings, dear readers!

Every good thing in this world consists of 7 components /contents. So does this series.

Throughout the series, we saw exactly what and where we can find inspirations. Just exactly how to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Nothing beats a good conscience. So here’s what I devote to the last post in the series.

Seek Your Conscience

Is the day, stronger than the night,

Is the wit, stronger than might,

Is the flight stronger than a kite,

No one can answer outright,

Coz if they do, that’s a lie.

What is it, that sets you apart,

The thing of today, or a glory past,

Has only your technology grown smart,

Or you have worked, soul and heart,

To make this, a piece of art.

Times, they keep changing,

Wishes keep their making,

The bird in the nest keeps living,

And you, are the one, who’s painting

A panorama,

Of colours, and passions,

Of pastels, and desires,

Of shades, and failures,

Of hues, and silver linings.

What’s the key you survive it through?

A belief in yourself,

Boundless, and unconditional

Relentless, and unabashed,

Cause, He who seeks solace in the storm,

The answers to all, right or wrong,

Has himself a gift, called conscience.

It breaks my heart to say goodbye to the series, that has helped so many of us, to find our inspiration, our aspirations, and what we intend to do next. So with the last picture down here, we say Goodbye!

Until next time, keep yourself inspired!

You are always welcome to staying inspired, with the help of this series by following the tag, #whatwefindinspiring, or clicking on this link, which connects you to all the posts.

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