What keeps you warm? 

“Ma’am, Aadi won 3rd prize in save girl drawing Competition organised by Dainik Bhaskar”

Greetings, dear readers,

You must be wondering what that inverted commas of mine mean. Well, that is a Whatsapp text I received from the mother of one of my ex-students at Helen O’ Grady International, drama academy. I do not usually discuss about my work here, but this very statement made me feel so warm I couldn’t help but express it out to you guys. This shows me, I be there or not in a child’s life everyday, may not meet him for years, but what I taught him, remains with him. He remembers. He admires. He respects.

More than often, it is not just about the child, but more about his family, more importantly parents. A teacher’s rapport is what matters the most for the development of a child. I’m no advisor on teaching and parenting. I’m only a drama teacher, and an aspiring physiotherapist. Which brings me to do more PR work. I interact. I make bonds. Human ones.

If someone asks me, What is it, that’ll keep you warm, even in one of the coldest winter mornings?”, here’s what I’ll reply-

“Like most people answer, love keeps us warm. Knowing that someone cares keeps us warm. But these will only help me tide over a few days and some light temperatures, not the coldest of days.

PASSION keeps me ignited. You ask what’s your passion about, I say, staying in people’s minds. Making sure, they remember you. Whatever you do, if it’s not remembered, it makes no sense. Thousands of people keep doing things. But only those are remembered, who truly leave an impact. I want to be that. And the proof that I’m on track, gives me the warmth and strength to move ahead. I love receiving such reviews, as the one above, and I love the compassion of my people towards me. I want this to go on. Even when I’m not meeting them. Even when I am old, and amnestic, and forgetful, I want them to remember that I existed. I don’t want to be triumphed or be remembered as a warrior, a winner- just as a go to person, will etch me into memories forever. That’s what I seek.”

Tell me, what keeps you warm?

10 thoughts on “What keeps you warm? 

  1. I, too, want to make a difference in people’s lives, and in the world. I care deeply for this world and others and desire to uplift others and do all I can to help others reach their dreams, and have richer lives.

    Thanks for all you do and for following my blog.

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