What We Find “Inspiring” – 3 

Greetings dear readers!

Following up with the previous post, here is the next part of What we find “Inspiring”.

As we talk about, what is it that drives us and makes us do what we do, here’s some food for thought.

That’s precisely what I meant.

All of us, are like the bubbling pots of energy; wanting to reach out and make things happen. And that’s what my previous post says.

But, more than often, our attempts land up in not being so successful, making way for depression. That’s when this quote comes into play.

I ask, why is it that we cannot change things so easily? We all are good, active people, with excellent social connections, and so many thousands of inspirational figures around us. Then why can’t we change? Be inspired? And more importantly, DO SOMETHING!!!

One probable answer is here:

One of the readers, replied the above at my other post, points out the complete loss of spirituality, which is probably the cause of all our problems.

Why don’t we DO what we think we should? Where does this gap between action and words lie? What is it that will bridge this gap?

There you said it. The bridge. Between mind and soul. That’s the answer. I’m personally a strong believer in meditation. I’m sure that helps in acceptance and gives the strength and determination to make a change.

So there you go, calm your mind, reach out to the world, and nothing is impossible to achieve.

That’s it. Thank yourself for reading, and wanting to be inspired.

If you feel this series is helping you, just apply it in your day to day life. A lot will change. Good luck!

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See you soon! 🙂

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