Do you still? 

Greetings dear readers,

Long time! If you know who cyber-bibers are, I must tell you that I have been one the targets.

For those who don’t know, let me tell you. Cyber-bibers are people who abduct you and prevent you from writing your blog, and meeting your blogosphere friends.

I’ve managed to escape though. 😛

(Just speaking. Been really busy. But here’s my another post, and I’m sure you’ll love it.)

We all bloggers, have always written a diary at some point in time. Here’s one memory I get when I think of them. (Straight as I wrote. No editing done.)

Do leave me your thoughts. 🙂


Do you still, write that diary,

About how your day’s been?

How you made those mistakes,

Had fun with friends, and learnt a new lesson?

Do you still, sing those songs,

The ones you dedicated,

Or rather dictated,

Have they changed like the wind that was last summer, or the year before that?

Do you still, remember?

It wasn’t the summer, but winters that hurt the most,

Awaiting, a warm fire and nothing but a toast with your favorite cup of coffee?

Do you still, make those virtual coffees?

Those lovely ones, with hollow centres full of creams,

Bringing home, icy dreams?

Do you still, have that snap?

Your friend snapped,

Once, before we snapped.

That’s been trapped, in a diary,

Have you still read?

( Originally published on November 16th, 2017)

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