Mistaken, why? 

Greetings, dear readers!

A Good Morning, from the south east of this world! May you have a fulfilling day!

And now, the reason why I’m here. Just had this chain of thoughts;

Why do we make mistakes? Or rather why do we get mistaken in a lot of matters? Is it carelessness? Or simply, sheer hard luck? 

Now, don’t ask me what led to these thoughts, ’cause who doesn’t make mistakes? We’re all human?

But I ask, WHY? Or, what leads to them?

“Learn from your mistakes.”  

Who hasn’t heard that. But what can you do, when you can’t remember them? Simple human errors. Just something that I use to express my thoughts, here it is:

Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes are seen everywhere;

In the home, in workplaces 

In relationships – family and friends, 

Mistakes, they, never end..
You wish or not, to do them so

Things don’t always happen 

As you want them to
In a second, and you’re famished, 

Dreams tarnished, 

People vanished, 
What you’re left back with, 

A trust and hope on pure magic

What I’d say that instead you do, 

Accept changes, without further ado
REMEMBER, trust your logic, 

Don’t think too much, too tragic, 

Believe in yourself, have faith, 

Everyday is a gift, each breath!

Do leave me your thoughts on, why we make mistakes? I’d love to hear them. 

Good day, folks! 

16 thoughts on “Mistaken, why? 

    1. Thank you Ranu!
      Hmm, interesting question.. I believe in karma, and surely it hits back. Now, if the lie was for a good reason, the karma will also return the goodness. So either they pay the price or reap the reward! 🙂


    1. Hey! I understand that’s tough. 🙁
      Sometimes, life can be like that.
      I’m in my last year of bachelors in Physiotherapy, and completely understand your condition.
      If you ever need help, I’m here for you!
      Keep smiling! 🙂


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