The Cursed Child!? 

Greetings, dear bloggers! 

<I’ve really missed you a lot, people!> 

I finally caught hold of a copy of “The Eighth Book”; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! 

So, like the mixed views that I’ve heard about this particular book, I too shall cast mine. 

Here it goes. 

Wait. Just a recap. A quick link? A poem devoted to Harry Potter series

As per my opinion, the book is super awesome just as every other J.K.ROWLING book. It has a good suspense, a great plot, but somewhere it lacked in character development. The only reason why many people call it not a true Harry Potter book. Not me. This has definitely been compensated by all the stage directions and expressions. Mind, I’m a drama lover. Still, I’m sure everyone who loves the Harry Potter franchise, will love the book too!

So, I give it a 4.5 star rating in the fiction thriller category! 


Happy Reading! 🙂

(This post has been in my draft section for about 6 months now. Yes, it’s been that long since I came to my blogosphere!) 

6 thoughts on “The Cursed Child!? 

  1. I seriously just finished this one this morning. So bad that I left it lying on my TBR-shelf for so long but.. so many books, haha.
    I did enjoy it though. It read like a train – especially knowing that I only started reading yesterday evening.. The only thing that felt wrong was Harry Potter himself? For some reason he didn’t feel like the actual Harry Potter to me at first. It was fixed by the end of the book though, but still. :’) Could’ve been me, haha.

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