Greetings, dear readers!! 

Another achievement is on the plate! πŸ˜‡

1,000 Follows! 

 Thank you so much for always being there.  I’m really grateful to each one of you, for following, reading, and guiding me through a lot of things. Never knew I could do them. 

So, in this moment, I have taken up the initiative of beginning an award, “THE BLOOMING BLOG AWARD”. 


This award, begun by Anuradha, is given in order to appreciate the efforts taken by bloggers around us to make up quality content on their blog, and provide us the valuable experience that we get. 


1) Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post.

2) Once you are nominated, you need to spread happiness and nominate 5 bloggers whom you think have provided quality content through the years, and notify them by commenting on one of their posts. 

3) Provide links to nominated bloggers, because, you have loved them, and they deserve more! 

4) No question – answers required in particular, but you must share your experience, and a bit about your inspiration for blogging. Also, try including the motive of your blog. 

5) Lastly, and of course, you need to copy the description and rules and ask your nominees to do the same! 

Okay, all formal stuff done. 

Now, here are my nominations :-

1) Vedant Dave

2) Neethu

3) Karina Pinella

4) Sheryl

5) Erick Klingenberg

Congratulations, to all the nominees! 

Now, a brief description of myself πŸ˜€

I begun with blogging with a simple idea of getting an online presence. I’m basically a carefree person, with only being burdened down by my studies <Physical Therapy> πŸ˜›

Recently, I’ve been hit by a wave of Spoken Word Poetry, making me go totally crazy with these lovely pieces. I’ll be getting along with my own soon! 

Also, I’m considering upgrading my WordPress account to Premium, so all my dear bloggers who are already using it, please do give in your suggestions! 

So far, so good. That’s all I’ll say for my experience with blogging. And that’s that! 

Thank you for reading this, and hopefully, all of us learn more, and grow more! 

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