Reason to Write

Greetings, dear readers!!
So, I’ve just re-joined the Blogging University’s Writing 101, and well here’s my day 1 task.
Actually, I’ve done this before, so I’ll only be reblogging it:-D


Day one of Writing 101, gave us a prompt of why we write, to which the following was my response. A part of the instructions includes a free flow write of about 15 minutes and post with little of editing. And so here’s my go.

Reasoning Out Writing

Ah well, I write because, I think that writing opens one to an absolutely new world, with all that he can fanatise, dream and think about. Writing is opportunities, writing is expression, writing is a dreamworld, writing is full of fun!
With words floating about your head, and ideas to be penned, it’s only a good gesture that you put them down and enjoy instead, than regretting later. Morose or elated, angry or philosophical, it’s an action reaction chain, that helps you clear all pain. Oh, isn’t that poetic?;-)
Writing for me, is a nice way to pass time in a useful…

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