Being a Fanatic!! 

Greetings, dear readers! 

Summers have finally set in whole sole, and well, who can’t be thinking of the colder times? I love summers, but well, it’s human basic psychology! 😀

So this piece of verse was already a draft for quite a while, and has finally made through. I do hope you find relevance. (Mind, it’s Harry Potter fanatism;-)) 


​It’s over

My mind reminds 

My heart doesn’t agree

Should read once more

Maybe, Harry has 

Another adventure up his sleeve

Oh, it must be hidden away

Like the three headed Fluffy, 

Or in the Forbidden Forest it lies

Like the unicorn or Aragog

Never have I forgone that! 

“Wingardium leviosa”, 

I call out thrice

None happens however

I hope Hermione appears back 

To help me raise my bag

I wonder, where’s our other friend 

Atleast, I expect him to be here

Red head, the blood traitor

Who’s proved his mettle 

Ron, Way better than anyone else 

I even try the only bottle 

Of Felix Felicis that I have, 

My luck though, 

Never shines enough

To bring out those times back 

How I miss, the poltergeist 

Peevy my creevy, 

Now Voldy’s gone Moldy

But Peevy hasn’t 

And yet why can’t I see him? 

Dumbledore and Snape

I know they’re long dead 

Some silvery grey is expected 

Few memories, or conversations

Make them immortal forever

Where is Hogwarts? 

And Ministry of Magic? 

Ain’t they not have

Another incident tragic? 

Yes, I’ll always be waiting 

For something new from J. K. Rowling,

Which then carry us back to the times

When all is good and fine. 

That’s that! Do you remember the good old times? Do tell me how does this sound to you! 

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