Smartphone Deaddiction Challenge?? 

Hey readers! As per my title, I’ll go about telling you all about this challenge, of staying away from your smartphones.

I’m sure most of you must have set a new year resolution of leaving out on your smartphone.

Well, it’s time for some action. I have a challenge here, and will soon be starting off with it, from 25th of January! MARK THE DATE!

Enroll yourself quickly here.

You’ll receive a mail about the challenge details, and how to go about it. Any queries can be put up here, in the comment box, or otherwise via email.

Let’s see if you have the guts to take up THE CHALLENGE! Don’t forget to get your friends too!


20 thoughts on “Smartphone Deaddiction Challenge?? 

    1. Definitely more than just staying off the net, coz we don’t just surf the Internet on our mobiles. A huge time consumer called ‘Games’ and ‘Apps’ also exists!!


      1. All we have is a land line at home. No smart phone….no cell phone. When we go on vacation our kids tell us we are like a Fed Ex package that they are tracking. We take the laptop and check in at night when there is wifi available. They are never sure where we are until we stop at night.


    1. Got no idea how it’ll work. It’s my friend’s approach, so I’m excited how she’s gonna go about it.
      Haha, thanks, will definitely try that, if required, that is. 🙂


  1. A couple of years ago I transferred for my job to a small town outside of Houston. To find a house I could afford, we ended up renting out in the country. It was beautiful, wonderful, and absolutely not a lick of coverage for internet or cable…and barely phone.
    That year was one of the greatest of my life. I went through a technological detox, TV was no longer a crutch, the internet was on a as needed basis, and I was able to get out more, do more!

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