Where Mind Wins 

Greetings, dear readers! It’s a beautiful night, and it’s been a terrible day at college. You can guess from that, what a late night rambling can be. It’s not a letter of complaint, mind, just another, thought?!? HAPPY READING! 


There was a room once, 

Which came to life of sudden, 

Invited me to be inside, 

Saying, it would ease out all trouble

I entered, but quite suspiciously, 

Coz I knew they were robbers

Of, heart,mental calm,

N peace of mind. 

And yet I entered 

Got involved, 

What a joyful feeling it was, 

Heaven felt all down on earth, 

But most exciting, 

Was that it was hiding, 

From all eyes of the world. 

Life went on, for a couple of years

It couldn’t be more happening 

But just as all hidden chambers 

Have their little secrets, 

This one too, had got its own

A one not too enticing. 

This room,  it just couldn’t keep, 

Upto all what it showed 

N then the times got old, suddenly, 

Just as they’d come, instantly. 

I was distraught, homeless, 

But I’m not a meek soul

Went about, creating shelters, 

In all ways that I sought. 

I did keep, a brave front, 

And swore not to believe

A room of such magnanimity, 

 It Ever existed. 

Oh what a fool I’d been, 

Running away from reality

It came back, n hit me hard

That wreched room, in dark. 

Again, I had the doors open. 

Again, I had a chance. 

Again, maybe a destiny ahead. 

Again, I could live the past. 
I was not sure. 

Maybe that was my fault. 

Blinded by the opportunity, 

I entered the room midway. 

Couldn’t believe I’d been there before, 

The changes so vast! 

Thought they were for better, 

My hesitation about to shatter, 

This time, my brain worked fast. 

It went about to search some clue, 

Of my existence in this room

It couldn’t just register 

Any black or white

Of my previous expedition. 

Off I ran, out of the room

A love in disguise

It still stands, open arms

But not will I opt for its solace. 

Three times since those times, 

The room has just been there, 

It never invites, but keeps presence

In case, if I’m ever frightened


Again, I will have the chance, 

An opportunity, I would miss

With, not heart, but mind.

Any guess what that room might be? What would it be, had you been in my place? A job, an event, or something very different!? I’d love to hear. 

No prizes for guessing what’s mine! 😉

Have a good time, keep blogging! 

4 thoughts on “Where Mind Wins 

  1. The room for me, is an escape; a niche in hidden in the dark realms of reality. A place my mind can wander for a time and then I have to step back to life… to what’s real, but the room is always there; real to me, but unknown to those around. So while everyone else says it’s insanity… for me it’s my escape from reality.


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    1. Wow, so there’s someone here, who’s in sync! I’m so glad you made it here, and if course, welcome to my blog!
      And well, you actually caught up with the theme, absolutely correct 😉

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