My Verse That’s Not Mine

Here I sit 

Reading my favorite poetry 

Which no passerby will ever understand 

Unless it is the one about whom I read 

The only so well known, STRANGER

Never knew, I could do so well 

Without that soul around 

But now to think of it, 

My favorite words, pronounced 
It’s surprising, how beautiful it looks

My favorite verse of life

Though it never shows the darkest of times, 

When there wasn’t so much light 


Words that matter, 

Depict moments turned memories 

They’re never still, ever ill

Just how can they can’t be? 
Imagine an exactly similar 

Ideal kind of world 

With no regrets, no clashes 

No rifes, no bruises 
You’ll say how lovely that’ll look 

I say think twice, again. 

13 thoughts on “My Verse That’s Not Mine

  1. “Just how can they can’t be?” – LOVE this line.

    I think this would look perfect on PresserPoets. I’m so excited that you’ve shown interest and I look forward to having you as part of our community!

    Liked by 1 person

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