The Outpour

​Why aren’t you the one 

Whom I thought that  you were 

Just why did you ever

Show your true color

Why couldn’t I live in my dream 

Of you being what I’d like you to be 

The bubble that I never chased

You came across, in a haze

Caught me all unarmed, guards down

Entered my thoughts, entered my soul

Embedded deep, a part of yours

Make a dream that was never yours
A far off expectation, that’s what I call

But somewhere, wasn’t it your fault? 

That pretense, how much I hate 

That personality, all fake

And still you could imbibe 

Memories, so full of delight 

Yeah, agreed, a clap’s not one handed

I’ve played my part, 

Stretched beyond 

Those little moments of delight

Which you provided

Maybe it should’ve been 

A little more rewarded

Small pleasures, they got me elated

Maybe I was wrong 

To think they lasted 

Or it just wasn’t so in your case 

Mindsets differ, AGREED. 

Ah well, that’s deep… 

Somehow it isn’t, or is that a lie? 


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