Sympathy? Hey No!

Greetings dear readers!!!!

I missed you all soo much, it’s beyond words. Especially, when you’ve had a month full of theory exams, uh, it does make you feel “blogging homesick” all the more.

And all through this while, it just occurred to me, how people feel sorry for you for having to undergo exams when all of them are already done with. Yes, I mean that our course exams have been late and all others have almost begun with their new session. That’s sad, yeah? 

Indeed, the new session being delayed is a little troublesome, but I don’t find writing exams any bit depressing. It just isn’t a matter of scores or  grades, but simply, I feel that giving these exams, I move one step further to my dream. Isn’t it? 

And then, there comes in the importance of exams.  No. I’m not going to ramble about that. We all have given enough exams to realise that. 

Exams  aren’t just those ones which have a fixed timetable. They’re also the ones which you are constantly facing, each moment of your day. They are the decisions that you make. They are the ways you adopt to work out a matter. They are the emotions you handle. They are the  direst of all situations, that can ever happen. They are our Testimony to fight out the life for ourselves. 

At the eleventh hour, mugging up or going through concepts, is not what everyone does. Many leave out the hope, and think of a better attempt next time, which then, just never comes back. Lost time, and lost hope can never be revived. 

It’s so surprising at times, how much you can do at the last moment, which you could not do the entire year. How things automatically start registering themselves, as if they were designed to be so. Then why didn’t they happen during the session!!? 

That’s a state of emergency, you’d call. But what of those people, who couldn’t turn on this state?? See, I’m a promising a person, because I can get this within me. It’s not a condition of sympathy, because YES, I can do it! 

What challenges have you faced in your life? I’d love to hear from you all, and it could serve as an inspiration to others. 

Until next time, have a good time,  dear people! N yes, KEEP CALM, KEEP GIVING EXAMS:-D.  Have a good day! 

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