A Letter To The Misunderstood…

Greetings, dear readers! Am not sure what drove me to write this one, (it’s a free verse), but yes, I feel it’s a good one. Hope you people like it!


Had you heard me once,
How I wished you’d come
To the sailor’s park,
The other day when it was dark..

No, I didn’t intend to harm you
No, not anymore
After all the tough times
That you’ve been through

I say, it wasn’t me in first place
Alas, you ain’t here to listen,
What use is all this twist of fate,
If all it does is hurt you.

My dear, my mincy pie,
I owe you all my life,
Just once if you’d hear me out,
I’m sure you’ll understand

Not the way, you did other day
Only clear the misunderstood, misty pathway.

Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

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