The Other Side Of Coin

All success and no failures, don’t make a person a successful one.


How often have we heard the above? How many times have we heard successful people narrating their stories of success, speaking about their tragedies and failures, overcoming poor conditions and reaching the spot where they are. And well, weren’t there those happy achievement times, when we think we haven’t faced failures to achieve this and so my future is doubtful?

So, with the busy busy New Year, here comes another of my thoughts, over self-esteem.
Thinking yourself as subordinate to anyone limits your capabilities. Especially in cases of those top times, when you actually feel good, but tend to think of the other side of the coin. What would have happened, had I not learnt that very answer which turned me into a topper? And oh, what about the other people, who have worked so hard, surely the next time it isn’t going to be me. Coz all I did was study the entire last day…
Relax. Enjoy your success. Bask in it’s glory. Leave all unsaid like it is. Future will unfold as it will. You can change your destiny yourself.
And the most important part, like one of my earlier posts, The Gift, Trust Yourself. Confidence is the only key that helps you through all times.


Mind you, if you feel you haven’t faced any failures, just go down your memory lane and recollect the days when you felt frustrated with your low marks, or work stresses. The times when you just can’t help, but bear the boss, and the colleagues. You have moved on. But those were your bad times, only, you didn’t consider them. Overcoming mental stresses is no less a victory over failures. We all tackle and win over failures, EVERYDAY.

So that’s done with today’s line of thought. Thank you for reading it patiently. πŸ™‚

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