The Yearly Lessons

Hello, dear readers! As this wonderful year ends( I know it’s a little too many of new year blogs out there), and I get a tiny bit philosophical with throwback over this past year, I realise it’s been a year of lessons for me. Life does teach us a lot every day, with every act of ours, and it’s results.

So has been this year. Days when you’ve felt too low, and days when you felt above the world. Times when you had the world for you, and times when just one kept up with you. Just Remember, YOU HAVE SEEN IT ALL.

The point is, keep moving, exactly life what life does. Go with the flow, do not fence it about. Your chains and barriers won’t stop the flow, so better be with it. Oppose it as required. But DO NOT STOP. That’s the nightmare of a river, you see. It stops in times when it is either frozen or dried up. Times when it doesn’t live. Doesn’t move.

Something more like what Pablo Neruda speaks in his poem, Keeping Quite, I don’t mean keep moving noisily, without knowing where you are heading, only because you are living. Do all that you know will land you, say in an estimated place, where you don’t stop but don’t doom either.

Obstacles and difficulties are a part and parcel of everyone’s life; only, nobody shows it. The way out is how you confront it, on a positive and healthy manner, or dejected and negative manner. Despondence and depression after an unwanted and undesired event is bound. One needs to get himself back, and come out to the ground once again, enspirited.

And so, a few ways which I think ( they help me!) might help one out of their gloom and work with a rejuvenated energy, are what I write as follows.

1. Sunrise.
A natural healer to all kinds of stress, a beautiful morning with chirping birds and orange sky, sun at horizon. Nothing can beat this. A mesmerizing moment. For some, respite also comes in the form of sunrise and it’s beautiful colors, which is also a good option.

2. Family.
Need an inspiration? A fresh new way? Always depend on your family for that. It might also be in the form of you super best friends, whom you don’t leave out on any of your life events. Sure, you will get a reason to smile and live.

3. A Treat.
To yourself! Be it a little pizza or a blackforest pastry, remind yourself that you are alive. A good mood helps one lighten up his mood, helps in relaxation.

4. A Get Together.
Are your school friends in town? Then why not just get together for some fun! Ask them in, throw a party (you can take it a contri basis also:-P). Friends are powerful healers, of all problems. Don’t skip them out. C’mon, you’ll meet them after long!

5. Take a day off.
Maybe spent as an outing or so. With your group, or only yourself. Self introspect, and ponder over all your events, your mistakes and follies. Realise, where a change can be brought about, and the ways you can mend it. It’ll surely ease you out.


And so, my dear readers, with this, I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!! Have a wonderful time ahead, and may God bless you all! πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “The Yearly Lessons

  1. Life Is A Journey,
    But My Best Wishes Are The Milestones
    That Will Give You Hope
    And Motivation To Move On.
    Am Wishing You A Joyous New Year!
    With warmth, love and blessings from MiddleMe to you and your readers.


    1. Am so sorry, couldn’t reply earlier. My best wishes of the new to you as well, dear. Indeed, life is a journey, so it is on blogosphere as well. Hope Middle Me too prospers along with you. Hugs:-)

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