7 Things You’d Know If You Have A Declared Relationship

“Relationships are best when declared.” That’s what the people say. But mind, if you are actually a victim of such circumstances, then you won’t advise anyone to do so! πŸ˜‰


1. You Are Supposed To Be In Constant Touch With Your Partner
And that’s the truth. All your phone calls (seemingly) are of your declared one, to the world.

2. At Times, It Is Difficult To Be Together In Public

Whoosh! A chaos about the who who’s begins the moment you enter a place!

3. A Date Is Always Exaggerated
It isn’t a question of the time spent, just a little too much detail HOW it was spent.

4. A Change is a Must!
Always. “You have changed.”

5. Think Before You Speak!
Oops! There you take her name and all that’s left to say is she’s your better half.

6. A weekend was never this fun.
Now that you’ve declared, no barrier comes in your way over spending the weekend with your declared one. Only, that your family n friends miss you;-)

7. The Best Part- You are able to enjoy LIFE!
Exactly the reason why you gave up your secrecy of relationship.So have fun, all you like! πŸ™‚

Well, on a personal note, relationships are a wonderful feeling, and umm..they shouldn’t be hidden. At the end the memories are something you’ll always keep with you, and they should be good ones!

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