Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merry,The Life is such a Dream!

It’s December!!! A lovely day to all my dear readers! How fast the time flies past is difficult to say. It seems it’s been just a few days back that January’15 had begun. An eventful year, like it was, 2015 has been a special year- the beginning of my grad school!!!

Yeah, it may sound like I’m already bidding off 2015, a month earlier, but I couldn’t just hold back my awe at how fast this year went off for me. So would have been your case too, was it?

With December in, come a lot of events, like those of festivals in the West, and New Year celebrations all round the world. December, is the month of saying adieu to all your bad times of this year and awaiting all the good ones, coming ahead. And yes, why not, but cherishing your lovely memories of past years. It means family time, friends time and well, what not!
And so to this joyful December, I’ve jotted a sonnet, hope you all like it!!


Across the horizon, the sun rises,
Though late in the morn sometimes,
Slowly, the buds open to flower,
The green leaves, all lush with dew, after.

School kids and workmen on their way,
Realise that this is the last day,
Of the year, and maybe their life,
As per the humanity strife.

But just as Sir John Keats says,
On every morrow we speak our prayers,
With a heart full of hope and dreams,
And so the workers and kids continue their treads.

Enliven your life to its fullest,
Though December it already is, January isn’t too far ahead!!!

Well, so that was with my piece of mind for the freshness that the year end and winters provide. Hope you too, get a relevance to it, and understand the underlying expression. Have a nice time, and thanks for reading! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merry,The Life is such a Dream!

  1. Lavanya, this is so beautiful! I simply adore your writing and the poem is amazing 🙂
    Please, keep writing poems like these!

    Also, I have created a hashtag: #blastfromthepast, where you publish any story, poem, article, photograph or drawing that you made when you were younger or in the significant past. You were nominated, and here is the link on instructions as well as my blast from the past. Enjoy!



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