Sea of People

Happy weekend everyone! I’ve been upto the Writing 101 assignments, and here’s the day 3 task. A one word prompt invokes mixed feelings and this one definitely did. Out of the prompts, I chose the word, “Abundance”, but I’ve rather written a poem. Do say how it sounds.
©2015lavanya99. All Rights Reserved.


People in our small world are,
In abundance, just like stars.
But not all of them are near,
All so close and so dear.

Wishing luck and helping out at times,
Some are kind, some are wise.
Mind you, be aware,
Make them friends, don’t you dare!

Not all are good, as they look,
Some might be totally off hook!
Never know, when they stab your back,
With a hideous weapon, behind the rack.

Choose your pal, with a thoughtful eye,
Trust thy heart and cherish their joy
Not all that you see is true,
Black space is seen as blue.

Just be exactly as you are,
Nothing false and nothing far,
When you feel you’ve got your part,
Go ahead and make a start!

Friends don’t really come your way,
It’s all how you think and say!

Friends are a joy to one’s life, surely, but choosing them correctly is another thing. One wrong friend can spoil your life and it takes a lot to come back to square one. So dear readers, caution is important, but that doesn’t mean you get reserved. Go out, explore, make friends, but yes, carefully! 🙂
Thank you!

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