The List

Ever wondered how a list of things can carry you away to your past? Lists; we all make, of what we have to do in near future, of what we have done, and maybe other lists like those of shopping. With our today’s prompt at Writing 101 of weaving up a fiction over a list, have a read at mine and give in your opinion over it.
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He picked up the scroll that was lying outside the trash bin, which had been there due to his poor shot at the waste basket. The scroll, was quite long enough, enough to have him enraged, and be frustrated about. And later regret of his deeds.
Avinash was a good daddy and a nice husband. He had a five year old daughter, Aditi, and his wife, Kanika, had given up her accountant job to take care of the household. Avinash was a manager at Religare, and earned enough to live a luxuriant life. He had a happy family and professional life, until this fateful day.
It was August 29, and their daughter’s birthday was round the corner. Kanika, had decided to arrange a party and had got her will supported by her husband as well. It had been long that they had arranged for a party, and their social life was receding. The three, sat together, and prepared a list of guests they’d invite, and that’s where it all started.
Aditi was highly excited with her list. She’d call her friends at playschool and receive a number of gifts! At other end, Kanika, had a list of friends and relatives to invite. But Avinash had a different thing in his mind. He hadn’t thought that the list would turn to a scroll and that, a long one. Above all, the expenses would cross the mark, he feared. Finally, he talked to Kanika over it, and reluctantly, she said she’d revise the list. Unable to rule out many people, she showed it to him once again, and this once, he lost his temper. “Do you realize, what amount of expenditure are you heading for? It must not be of any concern to you, all you do is sit at home. Step out and you’ll know what it is to earn for a family.” Kanika was stunned to hear this. She dropped the argument, and left for her room. Avinash screamed after her, “Go ahead. Do anything you like. But the party isn’t coming.” Saying this he threw the list aimlessly at the wastebasket.
Fifteen minutes later, Kanika came out, with folders in one hand a purse in the other, all dressed up as earlier, her accountant attire. Coming to him, she handed him the bag and went out silently. Avinash had understood that she was going out for an interview, but what puzzled him was the bag. He didn’t mind her working. Immediately he opened the bag and found a bundle of notes. There was also a note saying:
” These are my savings from my job earlier. I never took them out for any kind of spending, even when I wanted to buy that expensive dress at the shop in the mall. But I don’t want my dear daughter to think we can’t afford to organise a party for her. Please use this money and arrange it anyway. And yes, I’ll be back home soon, I had applied for a job in your company sometime back. I got it.”

That’s it readers! Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it! πŸ™‚

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