The Ageing

Hello dear readers! Long time to a nice poetry, right? Here’s an attempt. A tribute to the ageing parents round the world, wishing them a better life.
ยฉ2015lavanya99. All rights reserved.

The Ageing

Wrinkled, hands of yours,
All along,
Oh how I pity you,
But tell me, can I help you?

With my busy schedule,
Day in office, night in sleep,
Serving you seems a duel,
I hope I make it pretty clear,
That Sir, I don’t need you here.

“Oh Dear Child, I know you’re wise,
Running a family, isn’t a game of dice,
But don’t you think you’re being unfair,
Leaving us out, in the chilly air?

We too, were your parents once,
Took your care and made your lunch,
Think twice before making a decision,
Now that we’re ageing, son!”

It is a sad fate what the old people meet these days. People do become insensitive and commit such deeds such as that of leaving out their parents, without feeling any guilt.
Thank you!

25 thoughts on “The Ageing

  1. Thought-provoking and heart-touching. Makes me think though, whether many parents were as kind to their parents when they were young as they want their children to be? And whether a few of them were even kind to their children? But I should stay silent – crashing a party isn’t a good thing. Cheers to all nice parents who were nice sons and daughters in their time. Happy to discover your writing, Lavanya. Thanks, Jacqueline.


      1. Perhapsโ€ฆdepends upon the severity of the crimes the parents may have committed against their children. But then most of the parents are nice, and that’s what matters.

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