Finally WWWp5k Done!!!


A week long thought over trying to get this task done has finally reaped results.
Hello wonderful people! It’s a Sunday, and a beautiful day as well. What better a holiday spent than doing a 3.5 mile jog?


Burdened by the daily assignments and sulking over the exams round the end, I finally got a respite out of this task of running/ jogging a good three and half miles, and what better, I opted for the early morning! Exhausting, I admit it was, but I just loved the air. It reminded me of those school days, when we had to get up early and on Sports Meet practices, jog in the school ground. Lovely weather, and beautiful morning.

In such an atmosphere, we cannot but reminisce and think over a lot of things. Human tendency, to ramble. And the ramble is the trash. But best out of waste, is the hunt. Hunt is always a gem of a heap, but not to everyone. A gem, in my opinion, is being alive. As quotes,” Alive is Awesome.”, So it is!
We often wander off our thoughts, thinking what would life be like if only I could get to that level, or, how I wish, I could be that person, and feel so guilty of not being able to satisfy our dreams and yearnings. One thing I’ve realised, is that these ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ will never get over. If only I could achieve a top position in my company or if only I could top the university, will haunt you, ALWAYS. The only solution being, just putting away such thoughts and living upto our own self, what we really are, not what we wish to be. In our rat race to be a ‘Someone’, we forget that we already are somebody before that. Reaching the top ain’t not so beautiful as is the journey to it. Enjoy the present and live a moment of joy, with no worries of the future, and no guilt of the past. Being ambitious is a nice thing to be, but being over ambitious is foolishness. If one doesn’t enjoy what he is doing to raise himself up, he’ll never find happiness when.he makes it to the top.

Love yourself,
God has made you such,
A leaking roof,
Don’t worry too much.

Almighty has made,
As it’s meant to be,
Repair all you can, Jade,
Don’t lack out in that,

But if it doesn’t help,
My Dear, don’t worry,
Will soon be back.

Here, I take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the WP and Automattic team for keeping this challenge/task for lazy bones like me to go into the open and actually experience out new people and fresh flowers. It’s been an altogether wonderful experience doing this. Now that the week’s come to an end, we all can feel at home and yes, why not, celebrate the weekend! Cheers to all dear bloggers! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Finally WWWp5k Done!!!

  1. Enjoy the present and live a moment of joy, with no worries of the future, and no guilt of the past. …true but difficult…

    It was a good read…..thanks…

    Liked by 1 person

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