Each one, Teach one!

Ever since mankind has begun thinking, simultaneously he has built the concept of passing on the knowledge to his children and few others whom he considered worthy enough. With the passage of time, the importance of learning and education has reached umpteen levels and one can see schools set up almost everywhere he goes. But wait till you read what follows:

Mandira, the priest’s daughter, was playing in the temple’s courtyard, with her brother, Akshay. Unaware of the benefits education could provide her, she felt life lived praying to the Almighty and raising a good family was worth living. Soon, a group of young people, elder to her, came about reciting slogans of ” Each One, Teach One”.

This girl, Mandira, was one of the very smart kids in the temple locality, who was always interested in the activities around her and thus, rushed to the spot where these well dressed people had come. Curiosity at a rise, she asked what was their purpose to be here. A volunteer replied, “We have come to help you learn and educate yourself.” Mandira, now confused, asked, “Education? I think I have heard this before. Does it relate to something that happens at those distant buildings, where many of my town friends go?” This reply of Mandira brought my attention to her. Coming to her I asked her, “Child, how old are you?” “Ten”, she said with a smile. Moving on I said, ” That building is called a school. Why don’t you go to a school to study?” ” We don’t have that building-school, in our area. I’d love to go to one.” Seeing her such, I said,” That’s what we’re here for, my dear. And with you, I will begin this programme of the day. Come here.”
Crossing the crowd of people, we came towards the centre, where I reached out to the bell hung among us to indicate our selection for this programme. There I announced, and introduced everyone to Mandira. Taking her learning as my responsibility, I took an oath, stating, I shall make sure that this girl knows the basics of learning, and is capable of performing the simplest of educational skills. To bring this to effect, our team of students visited her family and took their permission and it was decided that we all come here everyday, and EACH ONE TEACHES ONE!


This was a group effort at our college which made me think over how still thousands of people are uneducated round the world, and how still these basic needs are far fetched for many. Saying thus, I am only reasserting the importance of educational to all, which our countries already have been putting up campaigns for. Only, I wanted to ask, have YOU done it yet? If yes, I’d love to hear your experience. N if no, try doing it once, you’ll love when it brings smiles on someone’s face.
Thank you.


10 thoughts on “Each one, Teach one!

  1. Teaching is a wonderful feeling! & we learn so much from the person we teach. One should never stop teaching what he knows neuther should he stop learning from others.
    Beautiful post, full of hope πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey! You’re most welcome to my blog. And well, what we believe in isn’t just blogging, it’s about making a great place for bloggers to come together, a blogosphere.
      So, you’re on your way to find your bunch!
      Have a good time, and see you around! πŸ™‚

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