Sweet Sour Memories

Sadly, this one’s the last assignment for Writing 201:-(
Alright, so this one, as highly guessed, is finally a sonnet with a very ironical prompt of pleasure( something exactly opposite from what I’ll feel once this ends:-( )
Yet, it isn’t a sadistic sort absolutely! I’m sure it’ll remind of wonderful days. Happy reading!:-)
Β©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved.

Sweet Sour Memories

Pleasant a thousand things might be,
But the best ones are always memories
Those of climbing up the tree,
And of stealing apples and candies!

The way all of us played pranks,
And how you were the naughtiest!
Jumping all over the planks,
Joyful, playful, full of zest!

All that golden school time day,
Homeworks, races, & night out.
In the canteen, all day we’d stay
Oh! How we all would scream &and shout!

Though those days won’t come back ever again,
But with luck, we can walk down the memory lane!

Ah well, bitter sweet adieu, can be said, but it’s been wonderful writing poetry, something new everday. I hope you people liked it as well!:-)

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