Cryptic Cold

Finally, today’s assignment; a Concrete form of poetry with a prompt of ‘cold’. Ah well, this one’s a story weaved around the snow, about how cold-blooded, humans can be. Do have a go through it and tell how it sounds! Happy Reading!

©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved.

Cryptic Cold



sounded. A mixture

of ambulance & police

vans. They travelled along,

amid the snow, To the place ,

where he was lying, dead.She

came out of the car,amid the snow

And saw him lay motionless. Her only

family in the world, She stared, at the

place, where he was lying, dead.

She stood right there, fixed to the spot.

And scenes of past flowed across, Where

he had asked to marry her, Amid the

snow. She cried her life out,At the

place where he was lying, dead.

A knife so sharp, had

pierced through him

How cruel a man to

do so, But the cold-

blooded murderer,

had fled, Amid the

snow. And left the

victim as he was,

At the place,where

he was lying, dead.

So this was my today’s attempt at the concrete poetry, I guess it does form the shape of a knife:-P

Anyway, I hope you liked it. Thank you for reading!

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