Festivitied Neighborhood

A little late, I must confess. But here is today’s assignment, a ballad with an assonance on neighbourhood. This one’s all about today’s festival, in India, the beginning of Navratri. So here’s one to it! I hope you like it!
ยฉ2015lavanya99. All rights reserved.

Festivitied Neighbourhood

There the stage lits up,
Next to my house
Loud beats of the drums,
And slogans in the name of Devi;
Celebrations in my cup,
Sorrows all dowse.

The girl in red in the middle,
With trident in one hand
And the other painted henna
Meant to give blessings,
The Devi steps out of the puddle,
Of people; onto the stage decorated with sand.

Her white drape, bordered red,
Glimmers, As one of the devils,
All dressed and painted black
Comes running after her with his spear,
In return, she stares, kohl lined, red eyed,
And the devil & his deeds, what she kills.

This was quite a bit about the ongoing Indian festival. A scene at Ahmedabad and Kolkata is a must watch for those wanderers, who wish to visit India. N yes, Happy Navratra to everyone!
Thank you!

20 thoughts on “Festivitied Neighborhood

  1. I loved your poem. It carried across the great space between us and you’ve left me wishing that I had a Navratra to go to. Happy day to you too (but it’s bed time over there!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Dear Lavanya,

    Coming from a fellow Indian (albeit a teenager, my heritage is from Maharashtra) living in PA, USA, this is simply phenomenal. I could picture every single scene in my head, and I have to say, you’re a very talented writer. Hope to see you around!


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