Face Of The Moon

Another beautiful day, and today’s assignment calls for something romantic, circling around the theme of face with poetic form of “Found Poetry”. So, keeping up the Indian, that I am, there’s been a past of moon in love in Indian love stories. You’ll always get one looking at the moon as their lover’s face. So this one’s dedicated to this historic way of love, which I guess, people still love to follow. Hope it is likable enough!
Β©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved.

Face Of The Moon

Under the greenwood tree,
Far below flowed the Jumna, swift and clear
He glared at the moon above,
Today, yesterday, tomorrow, forever
He saw the face of the moon; the moon of the face, of his beloved
Staying miles away this moment,
But so close to his heart.

Her face glowed red with love,
In the white moonlight of the clear sky,
She blushed,
Looking at the face of the moon;the moon of his face,
Which was, miles apart.

I hope it made a good read. Thank you!

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