The Itinerary

With today’s assignment of an ode, which is a poetic form depicting celebrations, the thought of achieving goals is one sure thing that calls for one! And so, the following one is about the landmarks in the map of becoming someone and living a life of dream. That’s all to it, and I hope it is a good read!
©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved.

The Itinerary

As a girl of ten, she had in her mind,
To be someone of knowledge and insight,
Be the candle of light.

So off she went, to achieve her goal,
Her destination sole,
With landmarks in between,
Like those of schooling and a grad
And a degree of the screen.
Milestones, of gold and silver,
She received in science and math.
Another one then came in,
When she had her chance to dream
But leave her town, her world till now,
And move to a metro city.

Next in line, after grooming time,
She did a lot of research
And now she worked in the lab so fine
Her aspiration of dear life!
So that night she went to the church,
And lighted the candle of FLIGHT…

Victory to a girl’s dream! I’ve just loved writing this. Honour and cheers to the working women round the globe!:-) Thank you for reading!

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