The Imperfectionist, Life.

A beautiful subject today for our assignment of Writing 201, Imperfection. And not to miss it, this one is a limerick form of poetry, which I guess, everyone of us has had in their primary English classes. I hope this makes a good read!
Β©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved.

The Imperfectionist, Life.

Her daughter was her life,
Never knew how to hold a knife,
Ever so full of mistakes,
Delicious cup-cakes, she bakes,
But never she thought, one day she’ll be
A wife.
Her daughter, she wasn’t perfect,
With follies and being incorrect,
She’d bring a smile on her mother’s face,
Which felt incomplete without her daughter’s grace
And now her wedding left it,
A wife that her daughter now is,
Life had never been like this
Now she had to resort,
Only to her son and husband’s comfort
Not so perfect but still, life indeed
Is a bliss!

Nothing more left to say, imperfections are the real perfections in our life. Cheers to life!

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