The Gift

Alright! Today’s assignment is here. It’s a double acrostic! Here’s the one. Hope it’s good enough!
©2015lavanya99. All rights reserved.

The Gift..

Nonchalant, a situation hiT
Embossed in her mind,                          like the light in a cellaR
Verily moonlit, in the garden he’d said;”All that matters is yoU.”
Enchanted by his words, her heart     screamed a yeS
Reminiscence, when it came to hear her plighT
Betrothed ,earlier when she’d been to his woO,
Ease escaped, and so did her gloW
And so now she said ‘no’ to him,like a greased paN,
Leaves not it’s dirt; this gift of herS,
Of learning from her past experiencE.
Now she stood confident, no fooL
Embracing, in the moonlight, herselF.

Thank you for reading. Please do give in your feedback!

33 thoughts on “The Gift

    1. An acrostic is when the first letters when looked at together, make a phrase or word. A double one is when first and last letters also make sense. Well, just have at the capital ones in mine. You’ll understand.:-)

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  1. Technically well done! tough to do a double acrostic as you did. Kudos!
    but sad story that she has to feel never alone by herself because of the fear of pain. Oh what reality twists out of us.

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