It’s All Chosen

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It’s All Chosen…


In the deep woods, an early morning, a lovely looking girl in her red gown like attire, was picking out apples, unaware of a boy almost her age,watching her lovingly,in the shadows of the trees. Filling up her basket she turned around and saw something move,probably a boy or so, but left it at that, in her innocent feeling to gain attention. The boy, gathering courage, now came into view,dressed as a new comer to the woods, had a beautiful blue coat on,and  asked her if he could carry the basket for her. The girl,habitual to come to the woods was amused to see him such dressed and immediately agreed to his request. She smiled, and her gleaming eyes charmed the boy, who was then spell bound to go with her,wherever she went. He followed her all the way, as she walked through the woods, carrying her basket, dumb founded,as a lamb.
She, being here for many a times, had started learning the ways of Nature, and slowly was realising something very beautiful on the way as she walked past. The trees seemed to dance in joy, swinging their branches with the breeze, the squirrels and rabbits were all gathering around in a merry chatter, as if to greet her and her company. With all such movements around her, it struck her then. She turned back to the boy who was still following, saw him smile shyly and then it dawned on her what she had done. In a haze she looked around and saw celebrations among all, for she had been chosen by the boy and now she, although unknowingly, had accepted his proposal to be with him, all her life, and there after. It was a hefty bolt for her that she could not handle. How could mother Nature be so unfair, just destine her to that boy? Why, she could have gone out somewhere and found her partner by her own. Did mother Nature think that she wasn’t worth making her own decision? Did she not feel her capable enough? Then why was she simply bound away like that, while what she did was just innocence?
She sat where she was standing uptil now, her heart broken and tears freely flowing from her eyes. Just why had this happened to her, she thought and kept on crying.
The boy now came forward to her side and bending to her saw tears in her eyes, the very eyes which had gleamed earlier, were now sad and tearful. He couldn’t bear see her cry and offered her his handkerchief, which she denied utmost rudely. He couldn’t get what had dawned on her, for he was just a visitor to the woods so deep with secrets within but he was sure something too distressing had been, for his loved one was upset. He didn’t know her name and nor did she know his, but he was sure that he loved her.
Unaware of Nature’s deed, the boy was sad for this girl with him and was holding himself responsible for her trouble, and gently asked her about her plight,why she who was smiling a while ago, had started crying so abrupt? But the girl would not say a word, kept nodding her head and looked wayward.
When finally she calmed down a bit, she saw the boy still at his feet, to help her get back on her way. She knew she will have to go back  home,but not that she will lose out so soon. She took the basket from his hands and started walking in a trance. He was so shocked by her sudden move, he stood staring at the place where she stood.
Belonging to the background of an urban family, the boy couldn’t have thought of such a thing even in his dreams. For now he understood it all, how he had simply loved the girl who he saw, plucking apples from the trees of this so cheerful wood. He had no idea how his sheer longing to watch her a bit more, had led him to carry her basket along, and now that he came to know of it all, that he was bound to her life long. Oh! How he’d loved it all had this not been forced upon, the girl whom he had just seen so shaken, to be his would be bride! The thought itself was so enchanting, so wanted by him, but with a modern outlook of a man, he faced the trauma, bare hands. He made a decision to be said, and followed the girl immediately in her treads.

This was part one of this story. I’ll be back with the other ones very soon. Thank you for reading!

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