A Few Ways To Get Healthier

Getting healthy and pushing yourself to do some exercise is really difficult and I understand that very well. But cheers to some of these tricks, I’m sure your mornings will be boosted and will help you get yourself a little better. Have a go!


1. Motivation
When it comes to early mornings, one needs a really high level of motivation and real determination to get up and actually wake up. And so for this, create your own source of motivation,be it a challenge from a friend to meet at the gym at 6, or entice yourself to a healthy breakfast. This does a major work in getting you up in the morning.


2. A Workout
The next step, is work out. But hold on! You haven’t heard it being done this way ever before. Ok, so what I say is, if you really don’t feel like going to the gym or to the park to jog, try out surya namaskar along with a combination of meditation. I know, it is not that easy to accept and learn it the correct way, but after all it’s new to you and with each day, as you get the hang of it, you sure do love it. Check out benefits of surya namaskar: http://www.healthandyoga.com/html/news/surya.aspx


3. The Diet
Another very obvious aspect,is that of diet. Yup, I know exactly what runs in your mind. The typical juice and oats programme with all the nutritious things pouring unto it. Ah well, it is a bitter fact that these help in a lot of ways that nothing else can do. Still, to add to your interest, I’ll tell you a little better way out of it. If you are a spice addict n hate all those boiled veggies and tasteless oats, try getting yourself a breakfast of sprouts that are well seasoned with a pinch of oregano, if you like. And to add a midas touch to your meal, have a small bowl of yogurt with it. Yumm!!

With these li’l points of advice( if you consider them worthwhile enough), I’ll end my this blog. Will be back with another one soon enough. Till then, see ya!
P.s. Do comment how you felt about it. Thanks!

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